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If you want a more personalized service and move in groups, you have our charter flight service.

AEROCARIBE offers full services of national and international charter operations

The hiring of charter services AEROCARIBE brings with it great benefits for our distinguished passengers.

    • Travel at the time and departure you want.
    • Excess baggage is exonerated.
    • Total exclusivity of the aircraft.
The international destinations according to our range of operations are:

    • Aruba
    • Bonaire
    • Curacao
    • Trinidad
    • Granada
    • Neighboring countries of South America


In Venezuela we can go out and reach any city in the national territory.

• Charter flights and Flights for Corporate Events (L410-UVP Plane Model with a maximum capacity of 15 people, subject to availability for the requested date).
• International private flights (JET Plane Model for exclusive services with a maximum capacity of 8 people).

Characteristics of charter flights

•  Private contracting of an aircraft for private use.

•  Freedom to choose the number of passengers that will accompany you on the flight, up to the maximum capacity of each aircraft.

•  Possibility to choose your date and time of travel, which does not allow you to have restrictions to reach the desired destination.

•  Possibility of reaching places where commercial routes are not operated.

•  Our flights are catered.

•  Possibility to travel with pets in the cabin.

•  No excess baggage fee applies.

Characteristics of group flights

•  You save time, we search, compare and help you choose the best offer for you.

•  Book a trip for more than 9 people.

•  Ideal for motivational trips, integration, training, fun and more.

•  Applies only within regular flights to the destination Los Roques. It does not apply to other destinations within the national territory.

•  The fare will be subject to the open class for the flight date.

•  Apply excess baggage fee in case of exceeding the required weight.

Send us the following information and we will send you your quote.

• Name and Surname
• Contact email
• Phones
• Out point
• Departure date
• Return Date
• If it is a corporate or personal trip


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